Electronics repairs made for people on craigslist, as well as myself and friends and family.
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Repairs for 2018.

AppleMacbook 2010

A battery had blown up inside, and I removed the battery. Just a quick note about putting the cables back (microscopes and tweezers help). Success.

Bose Cinemate

A repair from Craigslist. A Generation 1 Bose Cinemate, would not turn on (light stays red). Turned out the remote control IR receiver failed. Easy repair. Also covered by others online. Success.

Harbor Freight Bauer Drill

A drill made to fail, (surprise) failed. Attempts to replace the Power MosFETs inside. WIP.

HP Pavilion 15 cs0053

User spilled soda (sticky water) on a laptop. Didn't turn it off, or clean it afterwards. Sticky residue caused a short on I think the 19V rail. Could've been avoided by turning laptop off after spill, and cleaning soda water residue from laptop. WIP


Water (rain) caused a chip inside to go into a safety mode. It was necessary to dismantle the device and turn it off, turn it back on. Success.

Sony PVM 14M4U

A television that was displaying moving lines. Op Amp negative voltage rail is off by 5-7 volts. Attempted to repair, but damaged other parts while repairing. Lesson learned. Fail.

Weller WSD51

Soldering Iron suddenly failed. Under warranty so covered by Weller. May have been the iron's fragile temperature probe wire which was damaged by rough usage. Success.