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WIP. Come back soon.

#Footprints and Symbols The mega shields are not to my liking. Freetronics has one, it's more akin to the avrs pinout than the shields on the symbol. Annoying. This one is better, but not perfect - he divides up the Serial and I2C sections.

Also, the mega project from template in kicad is broken. Not similar to the Uno template. It includes all kinds of things you don't need for a shield. All I want is a breakout board for the pins.

#Libraries MCUfriend_kbv Covers what I have as the ILI9486 LCD 480x320. Available from Arduino Repos.


also need adafruit_gfx

sd card bitmap read, on mega uses software spi, so needs sd_fat (read example sketch). Also need to edit that library, so be careful if you use sd fat later...! You might have broken things down the line.

I tried a few other libraries that did not work: Ucglib, TFTx27something from Bodmar...

Convert bulk files from whatever to BMP: mogrify -format bmp . #note: needs fine tuning, as some bmps won't display on tft (too high resolution?)

Rename files to fit the SD Card: As I don't want to load long names on the sd card, use this to rename files j=1;for i in *.txt; do mv "$i" file"$j".txt; let j=j+1;done

I put some pictures in testsuite, so you can see what to expect with showing graphics on this display, using this library.