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\title{\textbf{Proto Board}}
\author{Steak Electronics}
\section{Improving the Prototype Board}}
What can I do to make this better? I've built the first batch. Let's outline what needs to be changes.
\textcolor{green!60!blue!70}{ \subsection{Changes}}
\item Line up Power and GND rails with Perf board section.
This will allow use of a dip switch on the perf area, then into the GND rail for example. Also check that you can place a DIP part on the perf and PWR and GND section.
\item Simplify the Power connection jumper / 0 ohm resistor links.
I was goingn to leave the 0 ohm smd resistor jumper off the top barrel plug and make it unfused only, however, this will eliminate the ability to use multiple power supplies with barrel plugs, and keep them all fused... Trade offs.
Instead, I must use the existing 0.1'' headers for connections to something like an arduino without a fuse.
\item Output LEDs
LEDs are useful for indication of power, or other signals. Need some 0805, R then LED footprints.
\item POT
A section for a potentiometer. This board is starting to look like a 200 and 1 kids electronic box.
\item Dedicated Perf only board
I am going to want a board for 74 logic, or lots of dip packages
perhaps have a similar board that is SOIC size only.
This is a dedicated board, meant to be used as an accompaniement to above board, when you need more through hole space. Will keep at similar size to above board.