Teardowns of electronics in 2019.

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Articles I've written for customers on IT issues.

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ZoneMinder Hardware Project, Motion Sensor Map.

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Electronics repairs made for people on craigslist, as well as myself and friends and family.

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History of Titlepage.

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Using a Sick WS15-D1130 Infrared Diode pair to act as a hardware motion detection sensor for Zoneminder. Also testing out an Omrom photo electric sensor, the E3F2-R2C4. This is a tripwire alarm sensor. When the beam is blocked, the alarm is activated.

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General IT Docs for Steak Electronics. Public Domain,

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Testing out the PPD42 Air Quality Sensor, with an MSP430 Launchpad and graphing the data with GNUplot.

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Notes for when I layout a board in Kicad

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Work on Free and Open Source Software. GPL software that works for the user not for the man.

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ESRMeter taken from http://members.shaw.ca/swstuff/esrmeter.html (find website on internet archive). Offered here with permission.

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Installing TempleOS on bare metal computer notes.

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Simple (KISS) Home solar logging project with 12V lead battery and v. regulator..

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Testing the hardware video decoding peripheral of the rpi 3 in ZM, with Devuan Stretch and 1.31.44.

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