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Repairs 2019


Macbook Pro Battery replacement

Relatively easy thanks to existing documentation online. Danger of battery leak. Success.

Phantom 3 Bad Camera

Gimbal can't stabilize. Gave up on this, as it would require breaking the Phantom apart to attach a logic analyzer, and this was a CL repair, so I don't want to break the drone.


Broken Cassette Tape

Taping together two ends of cassette tape with tape, tweezers, and patience. Tweezers and Patience help. Flush cut pliers help too. Easy. I had to manually reel the scotch tape repaired part across the center, but otherwise, it was strong enough to play the whole tape. Video included.

May Commodore 1902A Monitor CRT repair.

June Fan Greasing Fan stopped spinning. Turned out just needed some sewing machine oil on the shaft of the motor.