Teardowns of electronics in 2019.
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CyberPower 425VA

Replacing a battery in a UPS. 2010's.


A mains powered electronome from the mid 1900's. Susceptible to mains timing changes, and impractical. Neat mechanism inside. Vintage 1950's/60's.

Epson Scanner Perfection V100

Tearing down a scanner for parts. 2000's.

Sharper Image Lantern

LED Lanterns are a recent fad. See how a PCB is cut into four columns and soldered together to make the lantern light. This model failed due to the Potentiometer light adjustment mechanism. 2010's.

Taylor Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Cheapest of the cheap hygrometers. Reads up to 90% RH, then gives up, and just says HH. What a cop out. The board is single sided, blobbed, and consumer crap. Destined for a landfill, no doubt.

Digiflam Flammable Gas Sensor

Made in England Gas Sensor from the 1980's. Conformally coated board, and potted battery, make this difficult to repurpose. Simple 74 series logic construction. 7Seg displays for Gas Readout. Dial buttons for LEL configuration. Designed for portable usage.

RKI Instruments PS2 Combustible Gas Sensor

A simple flammable gas sensor built with a 30 foot long sensor cord to the electronics. This is how they manage the separation of flammable zones / divisions with this product. The device is not waterproof, or explosion proof. It takes 24V DC or 120V AC, and would be extremely light, if not for the rather large AC transformer. Heavier things are worth more right? No, that is a fallacy. Well built, and calibrated. Designed in such a way, that external sensors can most likely be plugged right into the screw terminals, should the original fail. Good modular design. Bigger and heavier than it should be, though.

Dell Rack Power Distribution

A couple of outlets, tacked onto a server rack compatible panel. Expects 240 3 phase AC.

Eyoyo Mini VGA Screen

Eyoyo yatto skimashita. Mini VGA computer screen. Built with connectors on board.

WorkForce Flashlight

An incandescent flashlight with a lead battery. From before the days of LEDs. Replacing the battery on this takes about 10 minutes more than it should, and is precarious due to plastic threaded screwholes, and awkward construction and battery access. Another product designed for a landfill.